Can I position it as the laptop on the left and the secondary screen/iMac on the right?

  • Asked by fn from Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo

Bretford MobilePro Desk Mount Combo

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    I just looked at the assembly guide on Bretford's website,, and it appears that the two arms are identical and interchangeable. The plate for the laptop attaches just like a VESA mount, and the interface at the end of each arm look the same so it appears you could set up the screen/iMac on the right with the laptop on the left. You just have to assemble it that way.

    • Answered by Patrick M from Happy Valley
  • Yes.

    • Answered by Joseph C from San Francisco
  • Yes. The arms are completely interchangeable.

    There's really nothing stopping you from mounting two arms on the same side. Although for weight reasons (and just plane lack of space in the track to position them the way you want), you'd probably want to avoid that.

    • Answered by Aaron S from Calgary