Can I put microsoft word on my mac?

Not sure if we should buy Iworks or stick with and buy microsoft word

QA iWork - single and family pack

QA iWork - single and family pack

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    It depends on what you expect to use the tools for. The iWorks tools, Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel, sorta) and Keynote (Power Point) are helpful, easier for beginners, and capable enough for my business needs, though I have never used them to write a dissertation.

    Most of us do not use the more complex (baroque? confusing?) features of MS Word anyway, when you can find them on the menu. Given that you can "Save As" or "Export" to Word from Pages, to Excel from Numbers, and PowerPoint from Keynote, your friends can have the format they want as well.

    iWorks is also less costly.

  • I use both, Microsoft products to receive and exchange documents of a type: Word, Power Point, etc. Then I take those documents and tweak them in Keynote, keeping them in Keynote if they're for my presentation, or adapting them and putting them back into Microsoft files if they return to someone else only on PC or Microsoft brainwaves.

    Care needs to be taken in translating PC docs into Mac docs, and then back. Things are lost -- or can be -- if you don't pay attention. I have to trade and exchange things all the time. Nothing is lost by putting Power Point docs into Keynote, then adding the incredible effects and touches offered by the Apple team products. But you need both products (Apple and Microsoft) on board if you are going to do translating and enhancing and swapping. Lots can be lost putting Keynote docs into Power Point. The effects simply don't exist identically or functionally on both machines. Apple's effects win. The new Office 2011 has cool offerings -- and I'll be sure to pick that up, too -- but the old Office Suite is good to have simply because it's so prevalent, interchangeable, accepted.

    It may be unnecessary to have both, but I wouldn't want to live that way. Microsoft only? Apple only? Educators are like Dutch merchants, they have to speak every possible language out there or profits are lost.

  • Smallest Answer : YES!
    How? : Microsoft Office FOR MAC!