Can I record music directly from an electric piano (Casio Privia) thru the Focusrite itrack solo mic preamp? This piano has a MIDI connection.

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    This IS NOT a MIDI device. It is audio only, but you can use the outputs of the Privia to record audio out. Since the Privia has an unbalanced output, and it is stereo, you will have to set your recording interface controls (DAW or whatever application you're using) to input both the mic and line inputs...however, you'll need to carefully adjust the volume (see the halo light) on each input. One more thing... since the outputs of the Privia are 1/4" mono L/R, you'll need at least one adapter (mono 1/4" to XLR male) for one of the inputs. The "guitar" input can take a regular 1/4" to 1/4" cable ("guitar cable). Once the levels are set, though, this is a wonderful interface/preamp, especially when used with Auria (a 48 track DAW running on an iPad!!!!).

  • This device will not record MIDI, only audio. To record MIDI you need a MIDI interface.