Can I setup a keyboard, mouse and magic trackpad to talk to whichever MBP is attached to the Thunderbolt Display?

I would like to be able to attach a MBP to the Thunderbolt Display and use the external keyboard, mouse and magic trackpad. I then would like to be able to swap and use a different MBP with the Thunderbolt Display and get the same result even if the original MBP is close by and being used by someone else. Is it possible to do this or will the keyboard, mouse and trackpad still be communicating with the 1st MBP? I know I can purchase a wired keyboard and wired mouse (I would rather not do that) but I don't think there is a wired trackpad.

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    Find a Mac-supported USB Bluetooth device and plug it into a USB port in the display. Pair the keyboard and trackpad to that, instead of the BT internal to the MBP.

    Then whatever computer is attached to the Thuderbolt display will also be attached to the USB BT host, which is paired with the HIDs.

    I hope that the next Thuhderbolt display has built-in Bluetooth for this exact reason!

  • Your Magic Mouse and BT Keyboards are connected to your MBP not to the monitor. They will work irregardless of the status of the monitor. You can have the devices paired with two MB's at the same time but that would make me have a headache! I have a wired keyboard connected to the monitor and a magic mouse connected to my MBA. The wired keyboard gives me two more USB ports for connectivity to USB drives or card readers or any USB device you may need on your desktop.