can i transfer my songs & audio files from logic pro 7 into logic studio?

Hey People, Im currently running Logic Pro 7 on my mid 2007 white Macbook with an Apogee Duet interface but will be buying a new 15" Macbook Pro within the next few weeks.

Firstly will Logic Pro 7 run on the new June 2012 Macbook Pros?

Secondly I was probably going to buy Logic Studio along with the new Macbook Pro so in that case can & transfer my songs, audio & midi files from Logic 7 into Logic this possible & is it an easy process?

Also will I have any trouble using my Apogee Duet with the new Macbook Pro?


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    Don't know about the Logic 7 songs, but the Duet will absolutely work with the new Macbook, I use it myself. Hope this helps.