Can I upload photos from my DSLR camera

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    Yes, but you need to buy this accessory calledApple iPad Camera Connection Kit. what it is , is a port u plug in to the usb port. o that port you will see to slots one for connecting a camera using a usb cable and one for transferring pics using a memory card. either one works.

  • Absolutely. There are a couple of ways that you can do this.

    1. Purchase the camera connection kit from Apple. You can get this on the online store or through the retail locations. The kit comes with two different connection or for the 30-pin dock on the bottom of iPad or iPhone. The first is an SD card reader... you can simply pop the card out of your DSLR and into the connector to upload OR you can use the USB connector in the connection kit and connect directly to the DSLR. Be aware however that typically when using this direction connection method you will need the camera on for the images to appear. Once everything is connected, just open up the Pictures app and a new tab will be shown that will contain the images from your camera.

    2. Connect your DSLR to iPhoto on your Mac and copy them over. Then sync iPad with iTunes to get the full resolution picture on your device. Be aware that photo stream will downgrade the quality so I would not recommend using it if you want the full resolution picture.

  • Yes, you can use the Apple Camera Connection Kit to connect your camera to the iPad with a USB cable.

  • Yes, i have a cannon dslr. put in on a sd or usb and buy a camera connection kit. may take a while due to the high quality pics. or just sync with itunes

  • With the iPad camera connection kit you can upload your DSLR photos to your iPad.

  • Yes if you buy a certain connector from the apple store to connect it via the dock connector

  • Yes, only with the iPad Camera Connection Kit. The kit includes two 30 pin adapters for USB and Memory Card. You can find the kit online, or via the Apple Store.

  • Yes

  • Use drop box....upload in that through ur pc nd access on ur ipad...