Can i use 1066MHz DDR3 in my macbook pro 2012

Due to my old mac book pro 2008 got 8GB ram so think to shift to my new mac book pro 2012 and at this moment my mac book pro 2012 only have 4GB ram,

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  • To quickly and easily find the type of memory (RAM) your computer needs, go to, click on "Store," then click on "Shop Mac," then "Accessories," then on the navigation menu for accessories, you'll see "memory" listed as an option. When you click on that, you'll be able to find your mac (by model and year) and it will take you the the memory your computer requires.

    So it's: > shop mac > mac accessories > memory (on left side menu bar)

    then find YOUR computer, and you will be taken to the correct memory options for your model. Hope this helps everyone out!!!