Can I use airport express to connect wireless to airport time capsule and then use a wired connection from time capsule to my computer or television?

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

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    Mmm, not sure why you'd want to do this myself.
    As surely the computer (maybe the TV too) would be Wi-Fi enabled, so this AirPort Express could just extend the Time Capsule's WLAN (Wi-Fi/wireless) network for you instead (presuming you're wanting to extend your internal Wi-Fi network here).

    But yes, you should be able to plug an Ethernet cable from this to your other device that has an Ethernet port.
    Though APEx's only support 10/100 speed Ethernet (rather than 10/100/1000 "Gigabit" Ethernet) so your not likely gonna see any big improvement being plugged-in via a wired connection over just using a wireless one (except users with absolutely chronic Wi-Fi interference issues). This is mainly important for your LAN (if your broadband speed is under 100Mbit/s), rather than the internet connection.

    This is especially true of N-speed Wi-Fi, as it can support upto several 100 Mbit/s (normally 300 Mbit/s, but can be higher in newer systems), depending on your set-up and equipment, so will usually out-perform wired 100 Mbit/s Ethernet speed connections anyway.

    The Ethernet port (and USB/audio ports too) is really there for devices that don't have wireless cards (or someone with chronic wireless interference ;-), so they can only use a wired connection (older/cheaper printers, some audio stuff, et al).

    You can always do some online speed tests with (Ethernet) & without (Wi-Fi) the wire, of course, to see which works best.

    Hope helps.