can I use it to record from my HD TV?

Can I connect my HD TV and record a program on my MAC with this device?

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    If you have a HDMI cable/satellite Box ou would be able to run one HDMI cable from the box to the device and then the other HDMI to your HDMI HDTV then the usb to the computer and you'll be good to go pretty much the same setup as an xbox but you'll use the cable box instead of the xbox.

  • Probably not. Your HDTV is primarily a monitor, with a digital tuner in it. So the only signals that originate in the television are "over the air" digital TV stations. It is very unlikely that your HDTV would output those signals when the whole idea is to watch them on that monitor. Your HDTV might have an HDMI output, so you could use it as a switcher with the output going to a surround sound amplifier or post video processor, but I've never heard of an HDTV with that capability. Normally you would go through the other device first and then end up in the TV. Now, if you use your HDTV as a monitor for a satellite receiver or cable TV box, then maybe. But the box would have to have an HDMI output without copy protect signals on the Hi Def signal. Again very unlikely. Elgato and Hauppage both make devices that are more likely to successfully record the output of your satellite or digital TV box. They have component video inputs that might be compatible with that device's output. If audio is important to you I would suggest the Hauppage. You have to buy third party software if you have a Mac, but it supports Dolby Digital audio. The Elgato only has stereo analogue audio inputs. On the other hand it is likely to be more user friendly. But as I said, none of these devices will work if your goal is to record signals that originate at your HDTV's digital tuner.

  • No. Elgato Game Capture HD does not hook up to a Video Out port of your TV. It hooks up to the Video In (HDMI) of your TV, and it brings video into your TV for viewing. It brings video to your Mac for recording.

    You can put any component or HDMI input into Elgato Game Capture HD (as long as it's not encrypted/protected), and you can record it to your Mac. You can also watch the passthrough video on your TV. For example, if you have a cable box, you can hook that up to Elgato Game Capture HD via component (red, green and blue) and record. However, Elgato Game Capture HD is made especially for recording from the PS3, Xbox 360, iOS devices, and other modern game consoles.

  • If your TV has a component or HDMI *output*, you could connect this unit.
    If the TV's output is *unprotected*, you can record it.

    If the input to the TV is HDMI from a set top box (satellite or cable), it is likely to be protected. The TV will display it, but it will not send it on to a device like the Elgato Game Capture HD which cannot record protected content.