Can I use the AirPort Express Base Station as a WiFi repeater to extend coverage in my home?

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

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    It will only work as a wireless extender/booster if your main access point is an Apple Router, like another Express or an Extreme or Time Capsule. However the way around this for a non-Apple router is if you hard-wire it (run an ethernet cable straight from your modem or router to the Airport Express). As a side note, the AirTunes feature will work regardless of whether you're using it as a router or not; You can use the AirPort Express solely for the AirTunes feature if you prefer.

  • The AirPort Express can wirelessly extend the wireless network only if that wireless network is provided by another AirPort Express, an AirPort Extreme base station, or a Time Capsule.

  • TD from Barcelona:
    I got an AirPort Express two weeks ago and it works beautifully as an Extender for my network. I connected it by cable to a hub that I have on my second floor. I then set it up to act as an 'Extender' to my DLink wireless router that is in my basement. Works like a charm.

  • The wireless router you are extending must support Wireless Distribution System (WDS) if you want to connect the Airport Express to the other router wirelessly (not using an ethernet cable).
    Airport Express and Extreme support WDS. If you want to extend a different brand of wireless router, without using an ethernet cable, check that your other router supports WDS.
    If the other brand of router you are extending has ethernet ports, you can connect Airport Express to it using an ethernet cable. This will allow you to extend the network, even if the other router doesn't support WDS.

  • Depends upon which router/modem you use as your base.
    I have a Belkin, and cannot use the Airport Express to extend my network.
    It can be used to extend if your main router/modem supports WDS.

  • When I tried to set up mine manually it told me that it was unable to extend my network. I have a linksys router...

  • The AirPort hardware was recommended by a wireless engineering major at Auburn University. I set up the AirPort Express as a WiFi repeater for my AirPort Extreme base station. This successfully extended my range after 2 years of unsuccessful attempts to configure a Linksys range extender with a Linksys router. Both AirPort devices support WEP2 security, while the Linksys range extender supports only WEP and the Linksys router supports both WEP and WEP2 security. As another respondent noted, the setup took less than 5 minutes out of the box. In configuration, just select the option to use this device to Extend and existing network.

  • IT DEPENDS, I was told by an Apple Genius. The Airport Extreme with AirTunes can be used as a repeater only with the signal from a Airport Extreme or Time Capsule. It does not work as a repeater from other conventional routers (said the expert).

  • I've been trying with the utility and can't get it to work with a Netgear wireless router. (PC)
    It seemed easy to set up but I think I see signal quality not change or get any better. My speed actually slows down. The Airport is 2 feet away from my computer and signal quality is still fail. Also if I set it up as default I can play itunes to my remote speakers just great. If I try to set up to join the wireless network the audio playback stops and plays and stops etc... It think I need to walk through with an expert from start to finish. Maybe there's a piece to the puzzle I'm missing.

  • My house is too big, and i extend my airport extreme with the airport express,however, the other half of the house doesnt reach the access point, the questio is, can i use more the one airport express to extend my network?

  • Just to clarify before taking the full plunge -- can you use an Airport express as the base station and then also another Airport express to extend the range ? I asked at the local MacAuthority store and was told you had to have an Extreme as the base station and then extend with the express.

  • I also purchased and set up a new Air Port Express for the purpose of extending the existing network in my house. Everything worked as advertised...but I was hoping for a better transfer rate in parts of the house further away from the Time Capsule. When all was done, I had no difference in the data rate after installing the Air Port Express. Any ideas?

  • Yes. It can be done. Its an option in airport utility.