can i use the ipad charge to my galaxy tab?

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

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    You want to charge your Galaxy Tab using the iPad charger?
    I've not tried, but theoretically it should. You would need Samsung's USB to 30 pin cable (the "data cable". I'm guessing it came with one).
    You would plug the Samsung cable into the Apple charger.
    Again, this is just theoretical. It's based on this:
    1) USB has a standard spec for which pins cary power
    2) Samsung makes a USB based power adapter
    3) The amp output on Apple's and Samsung's usb power adapters are the same.

    That said, we're talking about an inexpensive piece of equipment. Why not just buy both?

  • iPad charger (come with iPad 1) + original Samsung Tab 7.7 cable, does not charge Samsung Tab 7.7

    the Samsung Tab 7.7 will recognize this connection as data connection. The battery will display a thunder (charging) plus a cross (x) at the bottom.

    In the system info, you will find the battery status is not charging at all.

    If you leave the device untouch (screen off without doing much in the background), EVENTUALLY the device will get charged, but in extremely long time (compare to the original Samsung charger)

  • No as it is not apple