Can I use the iRig as an input for guitar to GarageBand on my MacBook Pro?

AmpliTube iRig

AmpliTube iRig

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    Yes, you can. I do it my self, and you can see the compatible devices at ikmultimedia site.

  • yes you can but you need to go into the options and change the headphone jack to a input or output or whatever lol it does work because that how i record stuff trust me :)

  • yes you can... you can record your guitar with the irig

  • NO, your irig will turn into a feedback generator, use only for iPhone or iPad. dangerous to your hearing

  • You could if you run your guitar through your iPhone/iPad/iPod and then plug the audio output on the iRig into your line in input on your MacBook. It won't work to plug the iRig directly into your MacBook.

  • No, because the mac will not pick up mic input from the fourth conductor.