Can i use the lightning connector on my Macbook pro and then plug the USB connector into my pc?

i want to transfer my photos and music from my home computer to my new Macbook pro with retina display, would this cable work for this or is there a different cable that can do this?

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

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    No. I think you may have confused the Lightning connector with the Thunderbolt port. As of right now, no Mac has a built-in Lightning connector. I would suggest doing an ethernet-to-ethernet connection between your Mac and PC and boot your Mac in target-disk-mode. It will be faster than USB. Alternatively if you have access to an external hard-drive you could dump the contents of your PC onto that and then upload it to your Mac. Just make sure the drive is formatted so that your Mac can read it.

    Check out the available documentation on migrating from a PC to a Mac.