Can I use the main camera (not just facetime) and flash without taking it out of the case?

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    I have this case and LOVE IT! All I did was borrow a leather hole punch, and punched a hole in the case where the camera lens is, and I never have to take it out of the case any more. This works great, and has not damaged the integrity of the design at all. It has been months since I did this, and I have experienced no problems. I have ordered the new iphone 5, and I sure hope they have a case like this for it!!

  • I'm afraid not. I have this BookBook and you'll need to take it out or slide it a bit out before you can take a picture.

    I did see a picture a while back from someone who made a modification, by cutting into it.

  • Sure... if you want to drill a hole for the camera. A friend of mine did that. Worked. But looked like "a hole drilled in it."


  • No, there is no hole cut out for the camera. It's not a big deal to push the camera up in the case to clear the camera port, though.