Can I use the Nike+ Running app with the Nike+ shoe sensor or does it only work with my phone's accelerometer? I'd prefer to use the Running app.

I have an iPhone 4s and just bought a new pair of Nike Structures'. I also bought the Nike + iPod Sensor. However, I intend to do running workouts almost exclusively. Is there a way to tie the Nike+ Sensor to the Nike+ Running app instead of having it report to the Nike + iPod app?

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    It doesn't appear so - I went to Niketown this past week and asked them - until last week I have been running outdoors with my iPhone 4S with the Nike+ Running app (no sensor) without issues - I like the interface and "post to facebook" features.

    But since I also want to run indoors I inquired whether this same app can allow me to run on a treadmill while placing the phone on the treadmill cup holder/cradle (instead of shaking the phone's accelerometer like a madmen at my gym). The "running specialist" at Niketown Seattle told me that in the case where I want to run indoors I would need to buy the sensor (which I did), but she also warned me that the specific RUNNING app does not work with the sensor, and I would need to use the Nike+ iPod app.

    So basically when I:

    - run outdoors I use the iPhone 4S and the N+ Running app (and GPS). Great Facebook visual feedback

    - run indoors on a treadmill I use the iPhone 4S and the N+ iPod app (and the sensor). Not sure if it even has FB posting capabilities

    Leave it to the geniuses at Nike software product development to confuse the heck out of people - beats me why they can't just consolidate the Running and iPod app.

  • It is only compatible with the Nike+ iPod app. You should use the foot pod if you plan to run without holding the phone while running or if you don't plan to strap the phone to your arm using an armband. For instance if you plan to run on a treadmill and want to leave the phone docked to the treadmill iPod Dock or if you want to leave it resting on the treadmill. I feel there is also an advantage to using the foot pod once it is calibrated. It will be more accurate especially if you run outside and GPS isn't reliable (heavily wooded areas or in cities with tall buildings). Even on a treadmill it can be more accurate once calibrated.