Can i use the old airport extreme to extend the new airport extreme's network?

  • Asked by fn from Mission
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    Absolutely! The Airport Utility will helo you set it up as an extender. I currently am using a 5th Gen. Extreme with a 4th Gen. Extreme and 2nd. Gen Express as extenders.

    • Answered by Christopher F from Whitney Point
  • The old airport extremes (gen 1 & 2) will only replicate the 802.11 a, b, g & n bands. This will work in conjunction with the new airport extreme and time capsule 802.11ac on the 802.11n band as a part of the dual-band technology. So the answer is yes and no: your airport will replicate a, b, g & n bands on your network, but not on ac band. Possibly the 3rd generation will extend your network on the ac band, but this product is not released nor announced yet.

    • Answered by Rod S from Grand Rapids
  • Yes, you can. I have just set up a new Time Capsule (2013 generation - with ac wifi) - same as Airport Extreme 2013 generation with the previous generations of Airport Extreme and Airport Express setup as WIFI extenders.

    1. First note down any current settings that you may want to configure on the new router. Stuff like port mappings, DHCP reservation...
    2. Select old router in Airport Utility and select from the menu "Base Station" "Restore Default Settings".
    3. Do not setup the old router just yet. Unplug it.
    4. Plug in and completely setup the new router. Set the wifi networks.
    5. Plug in the old router. Airport Utility will show you a wizard. Choose to set it up as an WIFI extender. That's it.
    6. It should work now.

    I had a hard time initially trying to get it to work by just changing the settings. That did not work.
    The old Airport Express did continue to work as an WIFI extender without any changes. It was however used as an extender with the old Airport Extreme.

    • Answered by Ciprian A from Fort St. John
  • Yes, if you set up the new ac-capable AirPort not to use the ac mode.

    • Answered by Dominic B from Hannover