Can it transfer data from one computer to another?

I have a five year old MacBook that is breaking very quickly and I need to back up all of my data before it completely dies so that I can transfer all of my things onto my new computer.

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    It, as well as all the other harddrives here, can do this. A hard drive is a container for digital files, it doesn't care if they are pictures or movies or music or word files, so long as it has space, you can put it in there.

    It is a bit like asking can this box be used for moving books to my new house as well as for keeping books in the attic. The only issue is that you MUST choose a Harddrive with a disk twice the capacity as the one in your computer. Three times if your budget will stretch that far. So if you have a 50GB disk, get a 1TB (1000GB) external drive.

    Best option is to backup your current computer, using time machine, onto the disk, then use that to "restore" your files, including all applications etc, onto your new computer. Great resource for how to do that is on the Apple knowledge base: This won't let me enter links but look for knowledge base number HT1427 at support DOT apple DOt com SLASH kb