Can Mac users play multiplayer with PC users?

(Macsoft) Age of Mythology

(Macsoft) Age of Mythology

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    Unfortunently, no, it cannot. I've tried it with AoM, AoE, and a host of other RTS games, but no Mac games can connect and play with those also avalible to PC

  • Actually, that is not true. It depends on the game. Starcraft, for example, works in multiplayer on both macs and pcs. In order to use both in multiplayer, the game itself must support multiplayer for both platforms. AoE for mac does not have Local Area Network support, to the only way to play multiplayer with other people is to download some stuff and sugn up for some other stuff. It is not worth it in my opinion. It's best to go with Bootcamp for games that do not support multiplatform multiplayer.