Can PC users open my iwork documents?

QA iWork - single and family pack

QA iWork - single and family pack

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    not in a literal sense, because of it saving in a iWork file such as .pages or .numbers, which PCs just dont like. HOWEVER you can export it as a word document or excel file by going to file>export and then choosing what you want a copy of it as, the only downside to this is you may loose some of the fonts and formats as they are not on PC's word processors or whatever program

  • Yes. All you have to do is go to file, save as, name your file, check at the bottom of the save as screen where there is a box you can save copy as: word doc, excel, etc. Look at the tutorials on the website if this is confusing. Once you see those you will see what an easy process it is.

  • Another option is to utilize the option within iWork. This will allow you to upload documents to Apple's server (free of charge), and have anybody with internet access view the document.

    You can allow multiple download formats--iWork 09, iWork 08, MS Office, or none at all--to allow anybody who views the document to download it in the format of their choice.

    All that is required is an Apple ID (the one you use for iTUNES), and either select Share>Share via from toolbar, or the icon at the top of the window is whichever iWORK application you are using.

  • Yes u can, but u have to EXPORT the project u are working on to the windows Doc format, through Iwork

  • The best way to show your work to any PC user with an iWork file is to save the document as a PDF. Although this prohibits the PC user from making any edits and changes, it still shows the intensity and accuracy of the document you've created through iWork.

  • Yes, but exclusively in office formats (not in iwork (numbers, pages, keynote) formats).