Can the Blue Yeti be used with the iPad Air (latest gen iPad)?

I have heard that there has been a change to the amount of power the lightening connector provides to peripherals on new iDevices(iPad Air, iPad mini retina, iPhone 5s).

After much online searching I have found that most Yeti-to-iPad instructions are all based on 30-pin connector iDevices running iOS 4.0 - iOS 6.0.

If you have experience it would much appreciated if you could help clear things up, thank you!!

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

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    The Blue Yeti works with the iPad Air straight through the "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" for me. Just make sure you plug the USB cable from the Yeti into the "Lightning to USB Camera Adapter" plug BEFORE plugging it into the iPad Air to avoid the "too much power is required" error. Also, if you plan on monitoring the audio input with headphones through the zero latency headphone jack ON THE MIC, plug in your headphones BEFORE plugging everything into the iPad, otherwise the "too much power" error will appear.

    I have not had to use an external USB hub following the method I just described, and hopefully it wasn't just blind luck. Good luck!

  • Yes it can. i just did as "Chris T from Springfield" suggested; plugin the headphones into the Yeti, Yeti USB into lightning adapter, then into an iPad air. No issues. Garageband had no problem and the Yeti sounds great. Who's a happy camper?

  • YES! just buy the original adapter, don't need the usb hub or anything, i'm using it right now!!!

  • So I needed to use the camera use connector AND a powered usb hub for it to work. It didn't work without the hub for me. Works a treat now.

  • It is not working with the Lightning cable on IPad Air. I Guess You Need a powered usb hub, but i did not try.