Can the iPad 2 be used as an external monitor?

I wan to to use it as an external monitor when editing video, is this possible?

  • Asked by fn
Apple Digital AV Adapter

Apple Digital AV Adapter

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    simple answer - YES
    in depth answer - the only way this can be done as far as i know is by using one of two apps. one is for windows, the other is for Mac. this is done through a common wifi connection. this means that there is a very bad lag when dragging windows and watching movies and probably all other tasks. so basically yes it can, but quite poorly. the only way that it could be done really well and smoothly is by using the HDMI connection to the computer. but i don't think that it can be done yet. so when the IOS allows it (I HOPE) the ipad can be properly used as a secondary monitor. but if you cannot wait for that (thats only if it happens) then here are the two apps necessary for this process. for Mac - "Air display". and for windows - "MaxiVista". both of these apps have sister software for your computer. the apps are kinda expensive at $9.99 for airdisplay and $12.99 for maxivista. they include instructions for the whole process. enjoy your second monitor :)

    • Answered by Luke R from Sydney
  • Thanks, LR. I did actually start using Air Display last week, and it's not all that bad, to be honest.

    • Answered by F L