Can the remote control be used with Google doc/presentation? I want to change slides without having to be near my laptop.

Apple Remote

Apple Remote

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  • Hi Sheila,

    Yes it can. You need however to get an app called Remote Buddy.
    Once you set it up, just go to your Google Docs presentation, hit "Present" and the remote should start imediatelly working.

    PS The app is free for 30 days, then you need to buy it (it's something like $20)

    Hope it helps!

  • You can use ControllerMate to map Apple IR -> System Menu Left to the "Left Arrow" keystroke and same for the right. I just tried it and with works really well.

    Besides, ControllerMate does a whole lot more such as giving you control of the acceleration curve of your mouse, allows you accelerate scrolling with modifier keys (a must for very large monitors), and lets you connect fancy controller hardware such as X-keys to your Mac to basically do miracles.