Can you get the keyboard in other language formats from the US Apple Store?

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    Here in Europe the UK Apple store offers 14 different keyboard language options except the US one! (international keyboard is different to US)

    I have a US style laptop so i'm not going to buy a keyboard that does not match my keys. UK Apple won't import a keyboard for me and US Apple won't sell to the UK.

    Unfortunately your best bet is to find an online reseller in Europe that will ship to the US

  • Of course you can! There is a whole list of them on the keyboards page, but they all look identical (bad website design). In order to see which language format each one is you have to click on the keyboard, tho you can also just click on any one and then select the language format from a drop-down on the right - unless of course you want a British keyboard. Still waiting for a response on why you can't get one of those from the drop-down, despite them including British on the main page layout!