Can you still have a screen protector on with this case for the iPhone 5s?

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    One single screenprotector is delivered with the case, it fits perfect into the faceplate frame.
    Warning: Do not use screenprotectors that goes under the faceplate frame, reason: depending on the thikness of the screenprotector the two shells of the case may possibly not close proper and then the 4 proofs of Lifeproof are not guranteed.

  • The Zagg Invisible Shield Glass screen protector is too thick to get a seal with the Lifeproof nuud case. I tried anyway because the Best Buy sales rep said it would work; it didn't and I returned the Glass protector.
    The Lifeproof nuud installation instructions say to remove any screen protector prior to installing the nuud case. And,
    there is a screen protector included with the Lifeproof nuud case that can be installed AFTER the case itself is sealed around the phone.

  • Yes and No.

    It is recommended to use the screen protector that comes with the product.
    That said, if you use your own, make sure it is not overlapped by the cover (cut protector to size) as that can let water in through the screen.

  • The case comes with a plastic one but it's not very good. If you want a glass screen the Teqii Glass2 Mini is the only one I've been able to find. It is the same shape as the one LifeProof puts in the package but it's nicer since its glass.

  • The Lifeproof NUUD for iPhone5/5s comes with a good screen protector. Its designed to fit the specs of the case.

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