can you use the camera whilst this iphone is in this case?

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 5

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 5

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    Yes, there is a hole in the back of the case that allows for the camera, flash and microphone to be used without needing to remove the phone.

  • Yes, both cameras are easily used as you would normaly. The flap does get in the way when taking multiple pictures or an extended video (2 or more mins) My advise would be to use the back camera in the opposite orentantion. meaning, the volume buttons will face downwards and the home button will be on your right. leaving the screen and camera free from the flap allowing you to see and photograph, clearly.

  • Yes. There is a hole for camera.

  • Sure you can. Take a closer look at its photos and you'd see the camera hole.

  • Yes. You can see the hole in the back for the lens on one of the pictures.

  • Yes it has a camera hole.

  • I found out that camera can be used. Looked at the product's website.

  • Yes there is a camera hole on the back as you can see on the pictures.