Can you use this case for first generation ipad

iPad smart cover any color

iPad Smart Cover

iPad Smart Cover

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    You can set it on the first generation iPad for temporary protection, but that is not it's intended purpose. The magnetic bar on the side of the smart covers hooks, and auto-alligns, itself to the side of the magnetic iPad 2. When closed, it puts it to sleep, and opening it awakens it. Placing any smart cover on an iPad 1 will protect it but it may slide off. I recommend purchasing a cover for first generation iPad, because buying this adds unneeded features and most likely a higher cost.

  • No, the first generation one doesn't have the magnets built in for it to attach

  • You can not put the smart cover on the first generation iPad because Apple did not put magnets on the side to hold and auto-align on iPad 1. However the cover is only for iPad 2 and I recommend that you should just buy the case that Apple had made for iPad 1.

    Ps: Even if you do put a smart cover on your iPad 1 it will only stay on the top but just slip off when you pick it up.

  • no, the ipad1 doesn't have any magnets, the ipad 2 does, meaning that the smart cover would fall off of the ipad 1

  • No you are only able to use the smart cover with the second generation ipad because of the special magnets that are in the ipad 2 in oreder to perfectlly allign the smart cover

  • No

  • No. The new cover is too small to fit the first gen iPad. I have a first gen iPad and now an iPad Air and compared the sizes.

  • No

  • No, it can't attach to the flat sides of the first gen iPad.

  • No the Smart Cover cannot be used for the first generation iPad.
    The Smart Cover requires magnets inside the iPad (feature in the iPad 2) for it to 'snap' into place.

    iPad "1" lacks these magnets, and hence, the Cover will not stick.