Can you use this in a car without an auxiliary port, just using the cigarette lighter outlet?

I'm looking to purchase an item that will play my daughters 5th Generation ipod through the car speakers and act as a hands free for my husbands iphone 4. If I can use this, what adaptors will I need for the ipod or iphone as obviously each has a different connection.Many Thanks

Belkin TuneBase Hands-Free Direct with Lightning Connector

Belkin TuneBase Hands-Free Direct with Lightning Connector

Product No Longer Available

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  • The short answer is no. However, have you looked to see if your auxilliary port is just hard to find? Nearly all models newer than 2005 have an auxilliary port, but some of them are very well hidden. Also, if you have an after-market stereo system they almost always have an auxiliary port. If your car doesn't have one of these, you can opt for an FM Transmitter model (though I personally don't find these work very well, especially in big cities where almost all the FM band is used by radio stations). Or there are more expensive packages to instal an auxilliary port to your existing stereo.