Can you use wireless charger with this case ???

  • Asked by fn
Otterbox Statement Series for iPhone - Leather

Otterbox Statement Series for iPhone - Leather

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    Not really, I have the Belkin BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Stand 10W for Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony and when I try to charger my iPhone Xs Max I realized that overnight it only charged 30% or less of my iPhone battery. It charges really really slow, but the charger led lights white like the charging is just fine and optimal, but it takes forever to charge and after one hour you don't see a 5-10% increase in your battery. But if you remove the case than the wireless charging works just fine as expected. I really wanted that at least the iPhone or the charger would let me know that something is wrong with the charging due to the thickness of the case, but it does't show any error in the iPhone screen or the charger LED at all and you are fooled thinking your iPhone charging is doing just fine when it ain't!!!!! This case is kind thick, I don't really think it's optimal for wireless charging I guess....

    • Answered by Franco G from Campo Grande
  • Well Kn my experience, the case being thick is not letting charge my phone wirelessly. I tried a couple of times over months and came to conclusion.

    • Answered by Pawan S from Flower Mound
  • It actually does work with wireless charger pads, however as mentioned before me, I purchased the Logitech wireless charging stand similar to Belkins Boost up, and for whatever reason the phone would only charged with this case on when placed horizontally, but when placing it in the obvious more expected way that being vertical it would not charge. so if you plan to use a standing wireless charger it most likely won't work for you. I do believe it has something to do with how thick the outer band/edge of case being too thick.

    • Answered by Russell M from Lexington