Connecting AirPort Express to FIOS wireless network

I am using a Verizon supplied FIOS modem/router (Actiontec M1424-WR) and connecting several PC's and Macs wirelessly. I am thinking of buying an AirPort Express. If I want to connect the AirPort Express to this router do I haveto do this with an Ethernet cable or can it be added as another device to the FIOS wireless network? In the latter case (a) how will I do this and (b) will the AE still be able to enable prininting wirelessly etc?

Secondly, if I just use the AirPort Express as a wireless device to connect my iPod and iPad to my stereo system will its signals interefere with my exisiting FIOS wireless network in any way?


AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

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    Your FIOS modem/router is a standard WiFi base station. You could connect an Airport Express to it either by plugging into the wired ethernet, or wirelessly by configuring the AE for the same WiFi network.

    The AE can support a printer in either case. If you want to stream music to the AE, you will need to either a) connect it to the FIOS modem/router over ethernet, or b) disable WiFi on the FIOS box. Music streaming will only work if all WiFi base stations on the WiFi network between the Mac (or PC) hosting iTunes, and the AE connected to the stereo or speakers, are Apple WiFi base stations.

    As for your second question, not if everything is configured properly (WiFi networks routinely have >1 base stations and numerous devices attached).