Could I make these wirelessly operated by attaching them to my time capsule?

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

Product No Longer Available

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    Unfortunately the Time Capsule does not support AirTunes (streaming music wirelessly), but the Airport Express does.

  • No, they need wires to operate. Just as a side note, after researching these speakers on the companies US and UK websites, and many other websites that sell upscale speakers for computers, I never saw in any of their pictures with the speakers one wire. They went out of their way to hide the wires in a way that i thought they were trying to lead people to believe that the MM-1s were wireless. Even know the product descriptions I read did not mention that they are wireless speakers, I did not think to look at that. Because they neither mentioned anything about the speakers being wireless or wired, just from all the pictures I looked at with the wires not even being hooked up, the pictures looked as if they were wireless. So, although it was not a big deal to me I actually thought I was getting wireless speakers.

    Just in case the many pictures on the websites from the company, which they have several nice pictures of the speakers set-up to systems on very nice furniture, but, since they never even hooked up the AC/DC plug, speaker-to speaker connection, and the cord to the adapter out on top of nice furniture, I assumed that even know I did not see "wireless" that there might be a chance they are wireless. But no, there are several wires and cables to hook up, and nearly impossible to hide the cables/wires unless you do not use them, but you do need the wires/cables unless you are just interested in nice looking pictures. lol;

    If you go to their US or UK website, email the tech team your question and I am sure you will get a good solid answer, especially since you are thinking about purchasing the speakers. As far as the customer support after the purchase, I have experienced a total shock in the lack of interest in my satisfaction and help when one of the speakers gave out. However, that is another story, but something to think about.