could I use this camera to Monitor my Babysitter from work?

I'm about to be a new mom and I plat to work full time.
I work about 20 minutes from home and I would like to be able to monitor my baby and the babysitter while I'm at work. I have an Iphone 4S and I don't know if this camera will work for me.
Can anybody help me?

  • Asked about:  Contour+2 Video Camera

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    Yes you could, however you would need an additional device to connect to the camera enabling WiFi broadcasting. I use the Cerevo LiveShell so I can stream my videos direct to UStream. With this device you could then connect to your home WiFi and broadcast your videos direct to UStream and be able to watch the live video from anywhere.

  • Hi Laura,
    This particular camera is suited for recording action sports as they happen. A skateboarder might wear it on his hat while doing tricks, for example.

    Apple does sell what you are looking for though. Although I haven't used it personally, the Smart Baby Monitor by Withings seems like what you are look for.