do I have to use the optical output for sound or is there another alternative?

I have many albums on my IPAD and just bought an apple TV. I would like to play the music on my stereo system which is a Yamaha receiver but it is an older system and it dosen't have an optical audio input. Is there a way to connect the apple TV to the receiver without the optical audio cable ?

  • Asked by fn from Sedro Woolley
Belkin 6' Digital Toslink Optical Audio Cable with Line-Out Adapter

Belkin 6' Digital Toslink Optical Audio Cable with Line-Out Adapter

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    You'll need some kind of conversion for the audio signal, either an analog audio output from your TV (which might convert the digital audio that it receives over the HDMI cable), or a little box that converts the optical audio signal to stereo RCA signals. The converter box is about the size of a deck of cards, costs about $40.
    One caveat here is that the cheapest converter boxes will only convert stereo, not the 5.1 or 7.1 dolby. You have to pay up $ if you want a converter box to do more than stereo. This means that movie sources that don't let you opt for stereo audio might not work with the cheap converter box. That might work if you rely on your TV for movie sound.

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    • Answered by Matthew J from Ann Arbor
  • Buy something like that:
    Digital Coax & Optical Toslink to R/L Stereo Audio Converter

    Find by google (canonot post link here).

    • Answered by Mario P from Scottsdale