do I need a lightning adapter for the car charger?

My car charger has the 4s connection -- do I need to purchase a different adapter to charge the 5 in my car?

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  • If your car charger has a USB port, then you can buy this cable and use it for your iphone 5.

    If your car charger ends in a 30 pin dock connector, then you can buy the dock-to-lightning adapter, but it's $10 more than this cable. You'd probably do better to buy a car USB charger and this cable (I believe you can get USB car adapters for less than $10).

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    The lightning cable is a standard USB on one end, therefore you can use any USB car adapter.

  • The 4s uses Apples 30-pin Adapter. So if you have the iPhone 5 which uses Lightning you have 2 options.

    1. Wait for the Lightning Car Chargers to hit the market.
    2. Use the adapter found on Apples web site part number (MD823ZM/A). (Available October 2012)

  • Yes. You need the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter. Then it should work just fine.