does gio work on a power pc g5 using logic pro 8

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • No. Logic Pro 8 is NOT compatible to the later GiO and the USB Apogee One. They are made for the later Logic Express & Pro 9, but You can Upgrade Logic Pro 8 to Logic Pro 9 for like $199.00 so You're there and the new Pro 9 has 64 Bit function now after NAMM in January. So that's a serious Plus in Recording. Plus the new Flex function in Logic takes it past MIDI a Light Year.

  • I believe it will work. Although Logic 8 doesn't have the Amp Designer Plug in, or the Pedal Board Plug in. It does however, have a plug in called Guitar Amp Pro.

    The lights on GiO won't really work like they do in Logic 9. But It will work as an audio interface, and the buttons can be assigned to learn different functions. After all it is a midi controller / audio interface.