Does it fit an iPad 2?

  • Asked about:  iPad Air Smart Case

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    No. The iPad Air is thinner than the iPad 2/3/4 due to the smaller bezel on both sides.

  • YES, it should, but the cut-outs won't match! The Air 2 case is the old Air case just with different cut-outs. It does NOT reflect the new Air 2's thinner dimensions..... unfortunately!

  • No, it doesn't fit an iPad 2 or iPad 3. It only fits the new iPad Air, and it is designed specifically for iPad Air.

    P.S. I think someone else has been asked the same question, and has get his or her answer.

  • No. This case is for the iPad Air, which is narrower and thinner.

  • No this is way thinner than the ipad 2