Does the Airport Express support either SecureEasySetup, Wi-Fi Protected Setup or AOSS?

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

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    No, my Airport Express (firmware version 6.3) starts up with option to go to Manual setup. After this, there are 5 buttons: Airport, Internet, Music, Printers, Advanced. After choosing Airport, there are 4 tabs: Summary, Base Station, Wireless, and Access Control. Under 'Base Station' there is no 'Add Wireless Client...' option nor is there one anywhere else I can find. Again, firmware version 6.3.

    I suspect WPS is available for Airport Extreme, but cannot confirm.

  • I bought a wireless printer and I need the time capsule to recognize it through ther AOSS

  • Something similar. Apple's version of "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" can be found by opening AirPort Utility, then in the "Base Station" menu at the very top of your screen selecting "Manual Setup" followed by in the same menu selecting "Add Wireless Clients..." and continuing to make the next selection.

    The result after you've "Updated" - permanent authentication of your other wireless devices for access to your Express's wireless network.