Does the Airport Extreme have any QoS features?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    No, and IMO, that is a very serious shortfall of this product, to the point that I can't recommend it to anyone. In today's households with multiple computers and internet connected appliances (BD-Live, Netflix, AppleTV, etc) QoS has become a requirement for any home router.

    I have a VOIP phone, and if my AppleTV is downloading a movie, or if there is a computer in the house downloading files, then the VOIP phone is all but unusable with the AEBS as the router. I now use another router with QoS, and then use the AEBS in bridged mode to simply provide the wireless.

  • Another commenter wrote about Manual Setup - this contains NO QoS features, and I think what he may be thinking of is Port Forwarding, which of course the Airport Extreme does support.

    As for VoIP, it's the VoIP box that handles the QoS by sitting in between the Airport Extreme and the modem. In the case of Vonage's box, at least, it has no manual QoS settings. It prioritizes VoIP traffic, but you cannot set any other QoS rules for gaming, etc.

    It's almost unheard of for a router in the Airport's price range to lack QoS these days. That said, the Airport likely the most reliable, stable router you'll find. But if you need QoS, you're going to have to look elsewhere, and it's really a shame.

  • There is no configurable QoS service on any of Apples router products. It does seem to do an automatic QoS for Apple devices though. For example, if I am downloading a file on my Macbook Pro and I start streaming a movie on AppleTV then the download will throttle way back until the AppleTV is done downloading. This seems to work with any device that apple makes that I attach to my home network. (I have a very large home network with many macs, many iPads/iPhones, and every TV has an AppleTV. And it all "just works" when I need it too. I do wish I had the ability to override these settings though and force what bandwidth I need and where, but alas it is not so.