does the apple wireless mighty mouse require batteries

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

QA Apple Mighty Mouse

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    Yes. The Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse requires only one battery (for a lighter mouse for travel), but has enough room to hold two batteries (for at home use). The Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse uses Double A (AA) batteries. It has a long battery life.

  • Yes - 1 or 2 AA type batteries (two are supplied when you buy it).

    Interestingly, it really makes full use of the batteries... most things stop working, and you can take the batteries out and give them to the kids to use in torches and stuff. Not so with the mighty mouse, it works until the battery voltage drops below about 0.7 volts.

  • Yes it does, duracell batteries will last approximately 4 months, from my experience.

  • Yes, and it has great battery life as well!

  • yes

  • yes, 2 double AA