Does the cover detach or is the "Smart Case" one piece encompassing both the new backing and original smart cover fused together?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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    It is all one piece. If you already own a Smart Cover, you cannot interchange that cover with the one built into the Smart Case

    No magnets in the back to hold the cover "open".

    Cover does not lay flush with iPad - the edges of the case are raised a bit.

    Very poor design on the edges. Sharp, and very uncomfortable to hold.

  • I just bought the new smart case and was slightly disappointed to see that the cover does not detach. It is all one piece. It does provide more protection for the iPad that the smart cover though

  • The smart cover and the back case are attached. The smart cover works just as wonderfully as it did before but is now attached to a cool looking trendy back cover, it is still thin as well and looks/feels very high quality. You will not be disappointed.

  • The iPad smart case is one accessory that wraps around the device. The 'Smart Cover' section of the case is attached to the back section using a strip of polyeurethane, not attached to the iPad using magnets.

  • It's all one piece, so it's not detachable like the old Smart Covers.

  • If you look closely at the second picture you can see that the backing and the smart cover are combined together.

  • Its all one piece.

  • The Smart Case is one piece encompassing both the new backing and the original smart cover. It actually looks really good on the iPad. So, it is all one piece!

  • This case is in one piece.

  • I just bought this case, its one solid piece

  • the case and cover flap are fused to get and the flap is not detachable.

  • The Smart Case is all one piece. They cannot be detached or used with existing smart covers. Also, they won't fit the Apple iPad Dock.

  • Hi Brad, I just bought one today from one of the retail stores, it's one piece encompassing both the new backing and smart cover fused as one single unit. You cannot detach one from the other and the metal clip that was evident on the smart cover is either hidden or completely removed. Hope that helps!

  • They are one piece.

  • All one case

  • Its just one piece, so there is no detachable cover

  • They are together, the cover is attached to the case, no it cannot be taken off.

  • The Smart Case is one piece encompassing the back and front.

  • It's one piece

  • I think it is best to look at this new smart case as a hybrid of the original apple branded case for the first iPad and a smart cover for iPad 2. It is unibody in form with the iPad pressing in between each of its beautiful edges.