Does the cover detach or is the "Smart Case" one piece encompassing both the new backing and original smart cover fused together?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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  • It looks like the case is all just one piece so you can't separate the front and back portions, hope this helps

  • The front and back cover of the iPad smart case are one piece. They can not be separated in to two pieces. The smart case encompasses the entire iPad.

  • It's one case and looks similar to the case Apple had for iPad 1 but with the Smart Cover's functionality. I just picked it up and am liking it a lot so far.

  • It is one piece, micro fiber is the only thing touching iPad now. Very nice.

  • It's all in one

  • It's all one piece.

  • The smart case is one piece, the front does not detach.

  • It is all one piece I just got mine from UPS

  • It's all one piece but it does still have the magnet so the iPad knows when the cover is on

  • The Apple iPad Smart Case is one piece which encompasses a backplate connected to a smart cover, which is not detachable.

  • It does not detach. It is one piece put together very nicely and folds over seamlessly

  • The smart case is fused together. It is basically a back case with a lip to securely hold the iPad and the smart cover flap is attached (no magnets) which folds across the front.

  • They're fused together to make one piece.

  • It's one piece.

  • It is one piece

  • It's one piece and doesn't detatch. The "hinge" on the Smart Case is made of the same material as the case - not a metal magnetic hinge like the Smart Cover.

  • Its one piece encompassing a front much like the smart cover with a polyurethane case that sits around the iPad.

  • 1 piece

  • It's one piece

  • there fused together they wont come apart