Does the Drone automatically land when it loses wifi connectivity?

  • Asked about:  Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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    No, it actually just hovers where it was when it loses wifi connectivity but it will automatically land when it gets to low battery. So if you lose connection on top of a house... Not good.

  • Actually the other answers are incorrect. It will hover if stated but if connection is not made within a certain period of time (I think about 30 secs) it will start to descend even if the battery is healthy. This is stated many times on the community forums. I have also experienced it where my drone went out of range and slowly lowered and landed on a roof. Once I walked into range I flew it off the roof even though it was totally out of sight and flew for the remainder of my battery (about 5mins)

  • If it goes to far from your device it will hover until it runs out of battery and then lands safely..don't worry it wont just fall out of the sky.