does the iHome has and ir receiver and will it work with the apple remote

I got and iHome for christmas and i decided to buy the apple remote so while i was cleaning and stuff like that i could change the song. So im wondering if the apple remote will work with the iHome and if so can you please tell me how and, how would you know when it was synced with the iHome?

Apple Remote

Apple Remote

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    The Apple Remote will only work with Apple Computers. It does not sync with other devices, so it will not be able to control your iHome. I would contact iHome because they might make remotes to control their devices, I know a few of their docks come with remotes.

  • Your best bet will be the Harmony Ultimate One TouchScreen IR Remote. It's a little pricey (about $200) but worth every penny. I had no idea how wonderful they can be. Imagine, with just one remote you can control everything in your home. It takes a little set up to configure all of the devices and activities you want to control, and that's it.