Does the Nike Fuelband measure steps or activity? Meaning, does it measure if you do other types of activity besides yoga or housework?

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

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    If you move your arms - or specially the arm with the band on - then yes, your effort is measured. It's not magical, it uses movement sensors. So walking will earn you points, but cycling won't - unless you wave your arms wildly when cycling :-)

  • It measures activities. Steps do not equal fuel step for step. 2,000 steps may equate to 1,200 fuel points. The band takes a variety of activities and assigns fuel accordingly. It will take housework into consideration just as it will for walking. You select a goal of fuel points not steps. It takes some getting used to the process but the interactive report on your iPhone, iPad and Mac will help you understand. Nike could do a better job explaining the activity - to - fuel details.

  • The Nike FuelBand has three accelerometers that measure activity (fuel points), calories and steps.

    The beautiful thing about the Fuelband is that through the use of NikeFuel (Nike's own metric for activity) many daily activities are now measured and taken into account, adding to your total daily point total. So everything from yoga to housework and running from 31st street to Grand Central Station to catch the 6:11 train will be counted.


  • Being that the Nike+ FuelBand has a three axis accelerometer in it, it tracks all movement from whatever wrist you on wearing it on. It does measure steps and also how many calories you burn based off the profile you create with your height and weight.

  • Yes it does:) it will calculate more fuel points abviously if the activity involve moving more like housework other than yoga.

  • Counts every movemend from your wrist!!

  • Yes, it does. Because it has a three-way accelerometer it measures lots of different activities, though it is not accurate for biking or spinning.

  • it will convert any activity you do into "fuel points" which as defined by the website and nike is an equation measured from your activity and/or steps. id quote the actual website but im too lazy to do so.

  • The fuelband measures your step, calories, and nike fuel points. the fuel points is based on how much activity you do basically movement you do. like it has its inconsistency. for example, if you have the band on your right hand and youre doing homework with your right hand it will generate some points. but if you have it on your left hand while you are writing with the right hand it will not. i personally have it and its a great product.

  • Yes, it measures all activity, but you may be surprised by the points awarded for different activities. Its an advanced motion and speed sensor, which begs the question what happens when you are driving, or on public transport?

    Essentially the points are an average of your activity for the day, and a benchmark If your measuring one days activity against another theres nothing exact about the points system but it does have merit as a tool alongside other strategies.

  • Absolutely, and it is amazingly accurate. I have experiment with it on my tennis, singles, mixed doubles, tournaments, and regular practices. It reflects the intensity accurately (3000 - 7000+). I have also tried it relaxing at home just watching TV and it is equally accurate ( < 2000). Can't wait to take it to whole day snowboarding this winter.