Does the SCR3500 Smart Card Reader only allow you to sign in with your CAC to sites like AKO and DTS or does it also allow you to digitally sign forms

I want to be able to sign into CAC enabled sites such as AKO and DTS but also sign forms once I am in there such as travel vouchers and NCOERS. Does anyone have experience with this and can vouch that this card reader has this capability?

SCM SCR3500 Smart Card Reader

SCM SCR3500 Smart Card Reader

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    This is just the hardware device (smart card reader) like you would purchase other readers to access your CAC on any platform. This device allows the physical card to be accessed by software running on the computer via the USB port. This reader is CCID compliant and can be used on any platform.

    Any software (Native in the OS -OR- from third-party providers) would be required to use the certificates & private keys on the card to perform tasks such as signing forms as you asked. You have several options available to you both from Open Source and Commercial resources.

  • AKO, OWA and DTS can be accessed provided third party software is installed such as PKard for Mac. Electronic document signing is possible, or not depending if the specific software is available for the Mac, or not.

    This reader does not work with iPads or iPhones, for that a separate reader such as the PKard Reader and free PKard Reader app are required.