Does the smartshell case on the macbook lead to the macbook overheating and/or prevent it from cooling if it starts to overheat??

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    It doesn't directly lead to overheating.. I'm still able to use it on a day-to-day basis with no problems.. Its just that theres an increase CHANCE of it heating up (not overheating) if you do something intensive...

    In terms of cooling.. as it is plastic if the laptop is hot it will take longer to cool down as plastic retains heat.. but it will cool overtime..

  • I found it does run warm/hot. It is hard to tell exactly what causes the machine to generate more heat. Playing a DVD is a good guess though, because the real time rendering is intensive. As much as I love the turquoise cover, I have noticed the plastic does degrade and become brittle. After you use it for a while, you may find that the case is likely to crack when you go to take it off, because you have to flex the case slightly to get it loose. I think they need to consider the cooling more in the case design.

  • Not in my 6+ years of experience.