Does the WD 3TB My Book for Mac Desktop USB hard drive work with Airport Express?

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    It does not work with the AirPort Express. It does work with AirPort Extreme and can be used for backup with Time Machine. I personally have this setup, it definitely works with AirPort Extreme.


    AirPort Express - USB Printers Only on both Old & New Versions

    AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) - USB Printers & External Drives
    Time Machine NOT RELIABLE on AEBS

    Time Capsule - USB Printers, External Drives & Time Machine Officially Supported


    I tried the configuration RafaelS mentioned for about a year and while I could make it work, it was not reliable. I found myself frequently rebuilding the disk with Disk Utility or loosing my backups altogether - both time consuming and aggravating.

    If you want to do WiFi Time Machine backups I recommend that you use either a Time Capsule or an External Drive connected to a Mac that is shared and set aside for that purpose. OS X Server has good support for these configurations if you have an iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.

  • You can't connect HDs to Express. Newer versions of Extreme can network HD storage, but will not backup with Time Machine.