Does this Belkin TuneCast Auto work with IPod Nano 7th generation?

I was recently given a red IPod Nano 7th generation device. I need an FM transmitter/charger for my car which does not have a connection built it. The device would have to be plugged into my cigarette lighter and the IPod plugged into the transmitter/charger. I use it mostly for the music from my car radio.

I have a very inexpensive device that I purchased two weeks ago from Unfortunately, it only plays the recorded music/musicians with the vocalists sounding as though they are singing from an echo chamber. Doesn't sync the music to one recording.
It also had a cassette attachment. Totally unusable. My cassette player has auto reverse so the tape plays for one minute and reverses.

I will appreciate any assistance you can provide to me.

Thank you!

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live

Product No Longer Available

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