Does this case support the ipad in both portrait and landscape orientations?

It obviously supports it in landscape, can't tell about portrait.

  • Asked about:  iPad Air Smart Case

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    The iPad Air Smart Case has a hinge on the left side of the iPad. The cover does not fold any other way. It doesn't prevent you from using your iPad in portrait, but it will only be able to stand up using the folded cover in landscape.

  • The quick answer is no. The materials and design do not allow for all of the stand options per Apple's stock pictures. Landscape will end up being an approximate 25 degree angle from flat while portrait is 90 degree from flat. The cover is just not good at properly supporting the device.

  • It's not meant to be used in portrait mode. It stands up rather precariously in portrait mode.

  • Yes. Not in the greatest way, but yes.