Does this thing work automatically or do I still need to do some programming to get my DOD CAC card to work?

SCM SCR3500 Smart Card Reader

SCM SCR3500 Smart Card Reader

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    This is a CCID Compliant Reader which works automatically with the built-in Smart Card CCID Class Reader Driver if that is what you are asking. No programming has ever been needed for use of Smart Cards on Mac OS X (by end users), so am not sure of your reference. Other platforms have CCID Class Reader drivers, so the reader will work with them as well.

    The one requirement on Mac OS X is that you have a corresponding Tokend installed for your card(s) in use. The original CAC has been supported since 10.2.3 with some of the new CACNG (2 Applets: CACv2 & PIV). Pre-installed with Mac OS X are tokend support for: BELPIC, CAC, JPKI, and PIV.

    The CACNG support for Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6 began with the release of the beta Tokend from the Apple managed Open Source Project at SmartCardServices.MacOSForge.Org. They also host User/Dev mailing lists for assistance which might be of help to you and others.

    Summarizing: This reader is fully compatible and just works, but keep in mind that is one part of the equation. If you have a newly issued CAC (i.e. CACNG) then you would need to grab the beta Tokend from MacOSForge as noted above.