Does this work with Djay on the iPad?

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ USB MIDI Controller

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ USB MIDI Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    No it only works on the notebook or desktop models with an intel processor and with OS X 10.5 or higher.

  • The description of the product notes the following: the DDJ-WeGO can also support other DJ software, including Algoriddim djay.

  • 2 problems I see because I want to do the same thing for a really portable system
    Problem 1: . Since the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo uses power from a laptop or desktop computer via the USB port, the iPad would have to supply power to the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo. Not sure how long the iPad battery would last in this configuration. Ideally a power supply and cable with a splitter would supply power to both because the power wires supplying power are dumb and the iPad and Pioneer DDJ-WeGo wouldn't know where the DC power was coming from and wouldn't care.
    Problem 2: The bigger problem is programming or mapping the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo to the iPad through MIDI connection. On the iMac and laptop version of the software this is possible. On the iPad and iPhone version I don't believe it is. I have an email in to Algoriddim to answer the question.

  • yes but there's a special battery thing that conects to the wego

  • Yes it does although you'll need the WeCAi cable to connect the controller to your iPad.